Cloud ERP Designed for People

Unit4 Business World is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for government and service organizations and the first cloud ERP solution built around people, not programs. Its beautiful design offers outstanding usability and at your fingertips financial and operational data in order to run your organization successfully, at an unrivalled low total cost of ownership.


Unit4 Business World is designed for organizations facing frequent, ongoing business change. It’s easy to make changes yourself. You don’t need to rely on expensive external consultants and you don’t need to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Make it work the way you do – even when things change.


Unit4 Business World offers comprehensive, fully-integrated cloud ERP functionality. Its extensive list of business modules – from Financials to HR and Payroll to Project Planning (and beyond) has a proven track record around the world.


Fun ERP? Why not? Unit4 Business World has been designed for people – and for making complex tasks simple. We think ERP should be an enabler of business change rather than a barrier. Its social and mobile features and lightning fast analytics help keep your people, your projects and your finances on track.


ERP made for People: Unit4 People Platform

Unit4 Business World provides business agility on multiple levels and for multiple reasons:

Cloud Your Way

It shouldn't matter where your applications run. From public to private cloud or on-premises, cloud deployment or not should always be your choice.

You can make changes

Unit4 Business World was designed to allow users to make change making it simple and efficient for people running day-to-day processes.

You are in control

With Unit4 Business World, you can upgrade the parts of the system you want to – you don’t have to upgrade everything all at once.

Compare ERP Solutions

Unit4 Business World's People Platform provides a flexible infrastructure, helping people across the organization accommodate and manage business change simply and cost effectively without disruption.


Compare Unit4 with other leading ERP solutions from Eval-Source to determine yourself.


Source: Eval-Source analyst report: Which ERP Architectures Best Handle Business Change

What's New

The latest version of Unit4 Business World, called Milestone 5, targets the next generation of mobile, socially advanced ERP users. Unit4 Business World offers:

  • Better collaboration
  • New ways of engagement
  • Rapid, powerful analysis
  • Increased agility and innovation