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Agile ERP Software Solution - Built for People

UNIT4 Business Software offers a fully-integrated, agile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite via the cloud or on-premise, providing both operational support and strategic management to organizations that face rapid, ongoing and unexpected change.

Our agile ERP software, UNIT4 Agresso, enables organizations to replace multiple disparate third-party systems, with an integrated, role-focused, modern ERP solution. It is ideal for mid-to-large organizations that need financials and a broader range of core functions in a single, unified business system – with the ability to integrate other applications as required. Our ERP software:

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Cloud ERP Software and Benefits - Move your ERP to the Cloud with UNIT4

No matter your deployment approach, your ERP is designed for you. However, our cloud ERP solution offers the best of all worlds:

  • same functional sophistication as if your ERP was on-premise - turning complexity into simplicity
  • increased agility - giving you easy access, upgrades your way, solution portability, and more
  • benefits of UNIT4 cloud technology

Our cloud ERP has a multi-tenant approach which is a different approach than any other cloud vendors on the market today.

Multi-Tenant Approach

Our exclusive approach differs from other cloud ERP vendors in which our customers share the same application instance but, uniquely, their information is protected and “move-ready” in separate databases, rather than being part of one pervasive partitioned database shared by all tenants.

The 5 Unique Advantages that UNIT4 Agresso via the Cloud Offers



The Latest Cloud-Based ERP Solution - UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4!

UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 is the latest from UNIT4 Business Software. It is our cloud-based ERP solution geared towards mid-to-large, people-centric organizations operating in continual business change and targets the next generation of ERP users who are mobile and socially advanced. Along with social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC), ERP users have a more intuitive interface which allows you to do tasks easily, fast and in a modern way.

Our modern approach to Experience Packs combined with UNIT4 Agresso offers an unrivalled cloud-based ERP suite designed to inspire, connect and empower employees across the organization to achieve performance results to stay competitive. UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 offers:

  • Better collaboration
  • New ways of engagement
  • Rapid, powerful analysis
  • Increased agility and innovation

Visit our UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 App to learn more!


ERP Architecture Agility Key to Innovation

UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 is built on top of UNIT4 Agresso’s architecture, known as Vita – an extremely flexible infrastructure - helping people across the organization accommodate and manage business change simply and cost effectively. This means that end-users have the ability to change and configure the system to meet their unique needs, allowing the organization to respond to major business change drivers with minimal disruption and at a lower cost than other big ERP systems.

Powerful, Fully-Integrated Modules of UNIT4 Agresso ERP Software

ERP Modules



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