Supported Platforms & Languages

You’ve got options…

One thing you can be sure of is that technology will keep changing. One thing you can count on is that we’ll help you stay ahead.

At UNIT4 Business Software, we have long held the belief that business systems should be open and able to coexist in a variety of technical environments. For over 30 years, we have provided our customers with the freedom to choose their preferred hardware, operating systems and databases. Coda Financials is designed to co-exist with other applications without imposing a particular technology or architecture. It can move with you as you embrace new databases, operating systems and other technologies. With UNIT4 Business Software, you won’t experience vendor lock-in or forklift upgrades.

Coda Financials – Accounting for Change

Coda offers:

  • open-architected solutions for deployment across a broad range of hardware, operating system and database combinations
  • solutions capitalizing on our technology partnership with industry leaders such as IBM and Microsoft to help you get the most from your environments and products
  • impressive local language support
  • very high standards of user accessibility.

No vendor lock-in

A key attraction of Coda Financials – both for customers and for solution partners – is that it is supported on a wide matrix of operating system and database server combinations.*

  • Main supported hardware platforms include:
    • IBM System p (formerly pSeries, RS/6000)
    • IBM System i (formerly iSeries, AS/400).
    • Windows/Intel
    • HP-UNIX servers
  • Supported operating systems include:
    • Windows
    • UNIX
    • Linux
    • AIX
    • Solaris
    • IBM I Series.
  • Supported databases include:
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • DB2/i 7.1.
  • Supported web servers include:
    • Internet Information Server (IIS)
    • Apache HTTP Server
  • The application programming interfaces of Coda Financials are founded on an XML request/response model, supporting .NET, J2EE and Web Services development environments.

Browser based

Coda Financials is fully web browser enabled, enabling you to interact with the application from a variety of devices.

Accounting as a web service

Coda Financials is ideally suited for embedding as the finance engine within any other application suite that you have developed or installed for your business. Users do not even need to be aware that they are using a separate system! Learn more about how we can integrate into mixed operating and application environments.

Further details on versions, client and server software, and other supported platforms are available on request.

Local language support

With Coda Financials you gain unrivalled language flexibility, through a wide range of supported languages – from major European languages to Simplified Chinese – enabling users in different countries to access the same, single finance system simultaneously but in their own local languages.

For example, Financials is available in 16 main languages, which can be run within the same version of the product. These are: English; Dutch; German; French; Spanish; Italian; Swedish; Hungarian; Czech; Polish; Norwegian; European Portuguese; Brazilian Portuguese; Turkish; Romanian; Simplified Chinese.

The number and range of languages supported for our products varies according to customer demand – please contact us if you need further details of current and planned language support for a specific UNIT4 Business Software product.

*Information correct as at 27th September 2011.

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