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Coda Financials is an award-winning suite of best-of-class financial software designed to integrate with your industry- and company-specific applications. Coda provides real-time financial visibility and control across people, processes and systems.

By acting as the financial information backbone for companies with fast-changing and mixed application environments, it offers a "no compromise" approach to financial modeling, process controls and application choice.


• Today's companies need great operational applications and a great financial software system ...

The Link Architecture

• Moving Coda Financials far beyond the capabilities of ordinary accounting systems ...

Accounting for Change

• Helping dynamic organizations adapt to changes simply, quickly and cost effectively ...

Coda Financials at a Glance

• V12 - Destination: Control is the latest release of Coda Financials. ...

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In today’s business environment, you can’t compete effectively with a generic accounting system and substandard financial applications. Companies can no longer compromise – you need great operational applications and great financial systems. With Coda Financials, you can buy or build your own specialized operational applications and use Coda Financials as an accounting plug-in or a financial hub. The Coda Link architecture allows you to easily connect best-of-class applications, of all types, in a federated approach using our web services. This allows you to concentrate on adding value to your specialized systems, while simultaneously benefiting from a great financial software package.

The Link Architecture

The Link Architecture is the innovative foundation to Coda Financials, moving it far beyond the capabilities of ordinary accounting systems. Link features a single financial model, unparalleled interoperability and a comprehensive framework for controls. Because of the architecture, users enjoy real-time reporting, multidimensional analyses and a faster close. They are able to implement efficient processes and automate financial controls across the entire enterprise.

Accounting for Change

As the pace of change accelerates, financial applications must do much more than simple bookkeeping. They must enable organizations to continually adapt to structural upheaval, whether it is caused by a re-organization, merger, acquisition or new line of business. The costs to adapt financial systems are material and strategically significant. In fact, the cost of change can dwarf the initial cost of the software. UNIT4 Business Software’s focus is to set the global standard for financial software that helps dynamic organizations adapt to changes simply, quickly and cost effectively. Learn more about how Coda Financials “accounts for change”.

Coda Financials at a Glance


• General Ledger
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Fixed Assets
• Project Accounting
• Billing

As the original single-ledger, global accounting solution, Coda Financials is a modern and multi-everything accounting system for even the most diverse or complex enterprise requirements.

Spend Management

• Requisitioning
• Purchasing
• Cataloging
• Receiving
• Invoice matching

Coda Financials’ end-to-end spend management helps a company establish controls and consolidate purchasing activity, and positions it to leverage the full buying power of the organization.

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

We’ve combined the flexibility of our financial model with the familiarity and convenience of Microsoft® Excel®, to streamline the seeding, preparation, fine-tuning and production of budgets.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

The vital foundation of a robust, flexible information model and a full array of reporting and BI tools to help all your different users report on, model and analyze your business – in the ways that they need.

Process & Control Automation

Our Coda Link architecture includes a powerful control management framework, tying other systems, manual processes and authorizations into one visible and auditable process flow.

Expense Processing

Processing personal expense reports is one of those unavoidable, day-to-day administrative activities that takes a lot of effort and can be prone to errors, without generating any value for the company.

Coda Link Architecture

The Coda Link integration architecture is second to none, using modern techniques such as web services and XML to provide secure, real-time integration to your other operational systems.

Supported Platforms & Languages

Coda Financials co-exists with other applications, without imposing a particular technology or architecture. It also enables simultaneous multi-lingual access to the same, single finance system.